Category: Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable Customer Comments in Sage 300cloud (Accpac)

Sage 300cloud (Accpac) allows you to enter comments on a customer’s record and schedule follow-ups. There are many uses, including scheduling and documenting of collection calls and reminders for service agreement and warranty renewals. In this tutorial, we show you how to setup and use the Comments feature and importantly, how to run queries to identify when follow-ups are due.

Processing Miscellaneous Receipts In Accounts Receivable

There are times when you’ll receive payments that are not part of your regular accounts receivable billing process. These funds might come to you from a refund, a commission payment, or just some earned income that is not part of your everyday business. In this tutorial we process a transaction for one such scenario.

Accounts Receivable Write-Off Methods

Over time, most companies will find on their open receivables list a number of uncollectible accounts, short-pays and adjustments that need to be made. In this tutorial, we show you three methods for cleaning up these open receivables. The one you use will be based on the circumstances of the write-off or adjustment.

AR Inquiry Gives You Quick Access to All Customer Details

The Sage 300cloud (Accpac) Extended Enterprise Suite now includes the formerly optional AR Inquiry module. AR Inquiry consolidates customer information from many areas within Sage 300cloud (Accpac) putting valuable information at your fingertips. In this tutorial, we take you on a tour of this powerful module.

Use Apply Documents to Clean-Up Unapplied AR & AP Transactions

unapplied transactions often occur when customer payments don’t match their invoices and when businesses follow a deposit now, match later method to receipts. This often results in a mess of unapplied transactions. In this tutorial, we show you how to use the Apply Document feature in Sage 300cloud (Accpac) to cleanup unmatched transactions.

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