Category: Sage 300cloud (Accpac) Tutorials

AR Customer Number Change

The AR Customer Number Change, formerly an optional module, is now included in Sage 300cloud (Accpac). The module allows you to change customer numbers, combine customers into one account and easily create a new customer based on an existing AR customer account. In this tutorial, we show you how to use it to combine two customers into a single account which may be necessary following an acquisition or merger.

Drilling Down from Order Entry & Purchase Orders

When you’ve got a customer on the phone, its critical to have item availability at your fingertips. Sage 300cloud (Accpac) puts this information on your order screen and enhanced drill-down gives you easy access to the details. In this tutorial, we show you a typical order entry scenario where these features will benefit you and your customers.

Drill Down from Financial Statements

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to drill down from your financial statements to see the underlying transactions in Sage 300cloud (Accpac).

Importing General Ledger Budgets

Sage 300cloud (Accpac) provides tools that allow you to develop your General Ledger account budgets inside or outside the program. In this tutorial, we show you how an externally developed budget can be imported into Sage 300cloud (Accpac) from a spreadsheet.

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