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Customize On-Screen Coaching to Place Your Company’s Messages On Screens in Sage CRM

On-Screen Coaching in Sage CRM displays instructions to users that is specific to the screen and task they’re working on. While this feature is designed to assist new users, it can be used for other purposes, after your staff becomes familiar with Sage CRM. In this tutorial, we show you an example alternate use of on-screen coaching by customizing it to display a message regarding an incentive to our sales team that rewards them for exceeding their quarterly quota.

Setting Up User Preferences in Sage CRM

Sage CRM provides a Wizard that leads new users through settings that control how information is displayed and how some features behave. While the Wizard is very helpful in getting you underway, it doesn’t cover all of the available options. In this tutorial, we show you the options not covered by the Wizard.

Importing Leads into Sage CRM

After attending a tradeshow or purchasing a mailing list, you’ll need to get your new leads into Sage CRM. In this tutorial, we show you how to import them from a spreadsheet.

Use Mass Update to Edit Multiple Records in Sage CRM

Have you ever had the need to update the entries in a data field across numerous company or contact records. Editing each individual contact record to make the change is extremely time-consuming. In this tutorial, we show you how the Mass Update feature in Sage CRM makes this a quick and easy task.

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