Category: Email and Outlook Integration

Adding Email Fields to Person Records in Sage CRM

The standard configuration for Sage CRM provides one Business and one Private email address field on Person records. Since it’s now common for people to have multiple email addresses, you may want to add more email fields to accomodate these additional addresses. In this tutorial, we show you how to create additional email fields on Person records.

Sage E-Marketing Template Merge Fields & Trackable Links

Sage E-Marketing, now included in Sage CRM, allows you to personalize your emails as well as track the interest of your recipients. Personalization involves insertion of merge fields into your email template and tracking interest is accomplished by hyperlinking text and images that when clicked are reported to you in Sage CRM. In this tutorial, we show you how to insert merge fields and trackable hyperlinks into your email templates.

Importing Email Templates Into Sage E-Marketing for Sage CRM

Sage now includes Sage E-Marketing, an integrated system that makes it easy to setup and track your email campaigns. One of the initial steps when setting up a campaign is to create the email you’re going to send. To help you get started, Sage E-Marketing comes with a number of templates. Alternatively, if already have one, you can easily import it into Sage E-Marketing and in this tutorial, we walk you through the process.

Sage CRM Outlook 2010 Integration

Since its introduction, Sage CRM has featured tight integration with Microsoft Outlook. This integration has relied on Outlook’s web browser support for its functionality. With the release of Outlook 2010, Microsoft dropped web browser support. This in turn has required some modifications to the integration with Sage CRM. In this tutorial, we walk you through the changes.

Sending Mass Emails from Sage CRM

Sending your newsletter, product and service announcements and marketing messages is an easy task using the mass email function in Sage CRM. In this tutorial, we walk you through the process.

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