Category: Sage CRM Tutorials

Adding Email Fields to Person Records in Sage CRM

The standard configuration for Sage CRM provides one Business and one Private email address field on Person records. Since it’s now common for people to have multiple email addresses, you may want to add more email fields to accomodate these additional addresses. In this tutorial, we show you how to create additional email fields on Person records.

Timings, Business Calendars & Holiday Sets In Sage CRM

Timings in Sage CRM tracks the duration of a Lead, Opportunity or Case from when the record is opened to when it’s closed. Timings also allow you to setup Service Level Agreements that take Case Duration, Business Calendars and Holidays into account. In this tutorial, we walk through setup of a Business Calendar and Holiday Set and show how these affect tracking duration.

Creating List Reports in Sage CRM

Sage CRM has an easy to use reporting tool that lets you edit and create reports. In this tutorial, we build a report that lists our contacts along with some selected details and groups them by Territory.

Interactive Dashboard Linked Gadgets in Sage CRM

The Sage CRM Interactive Dashboard is configurable by placing Gadgets on your workspace. Some of these Gadgets can be linked together for dynamic filtering. In this tutorial, we demonstrate this feature by linking Company, Opportunity and Case list gadgets. When linked, selecting a Company on the Company List Gadget filters the other gadgets by the selected company.

Lead Conversion in Sage CRM

Once a lead has been qualified (see the Lead Management tutorial), it can be promoted or linked to a company in the main Sage CRM database and then converted into a sales opportunity. In this tutorial, we walk you through the lead conversion process.

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