Advanced Applications is a Sage Business Partner of Sage 300cloud and Sage CRM in the Houston area since 1986. While serving clients in the Houston area, we have many clients throughout North America and world. We have implemented Sage products in Singapore, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Angola, Denmark, Venezuela and Australia. We service clients in an array of industries including distribution, manufacturing, oil & gas, professional services, field service, logistics, medical supply and more. Our business has spanned over 31 years, selling and servicing the same product line. We have serviced over 700 clients during this period, with over 100 currently engaged.

In our quest to provide world class service, Advanced Applications employs senior level, experienced individuals, each possessing a knowledge base in their area of specialty. Accordingly, our clients are served by professionals who do not require an “umbilical cord” to our office to address technical issues. We also contract professionals that are “best of breed” in their respective expertise. By only offering the Sage 300cloud and Sage CRM line of products, the knowledgebase of our technical staff is totally focused on these products, without the dilution of expertise that is often the case for those who offer multiple product lines.

Importantly, our staff includes not only technical support professionals, but customer service staff as well.  We strive to answer all calls personally, rather than by voicemail, and to arrange for a technical support person to address your issue as expediently as possible.

We are a trusted company

Advanced Applications is honored to be seen as a trusted partner of manufacturers, distributors, service providers, municipalities, entrepreneurs and businesses. We would be pleased to discuss the value we can bring to you and your organization. Please feel free to get in touch so we can schedule an appointment and show you the impact we can help you achieve with our coaching and collaboration services.