Advanced Applications provides software implementation and on-going technical assistance to our customers. If you require support, please contact our office at 713.520.8022 to be connected with one of our consultants. If remote access to your system is necessary, you will be directed to download our remote support application using the link below.

At Advanced Applications, we practice what we preach and accordingly, we use Sage CRM to track and manage resolution of your support issues. Specifically, using the Case Management functions in Sage CRM, we are able to ensure that your issues are addressed and resolved in a timely manner and that a history of support interactions is maintained over the course of our relationship. Rest assured that we don’t rely on sticky notes to stay on top of support calls!

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We are a trusted company

Advanced Applications is honored to be seen as a trusted partner of manufacturers, distributors, service providers, municipalities, entrepreneurs and businesses. We would be pleased to discuss the value we can bring to you and your organization. Please feel free to get in touch so we can schedule an appointment and show you the impact we can help you achieve with our coaching and collaboration services.